Water Changes Everything - Tubby's Revenge

   There is absolutely no purpose to this game other than to relieve
boredom and practice your hand-eye co-ordination skills.
I once had a big black dog named Tubby who had one brown eye and one blue eye. There was a question as to exactly who his parents were. I loved Tubby but he was a snitch and got me into lots of trouble. The
problem was that as a teenager I often stayed out past curfew and
trusted that my mother or father would not hear me coming in. Usually I got int the front door without any notice. The problem was that the
stairs squeaked as I stepped gingerly upon them. I had to be very
careful. I would take a step, wait, take another step, wait. Tubby
always heard me.

Tubby was not allowed on the furniture thus jammed his body under my mother's bed. When he heard the squeaking of the stairs he would try to jump up because afterall, he was supposed to be a guard dog. But Tubby was so fat that in his haste he usually got stuck under the bed. He would bark and scramble as he dug his claws into the floor trying to get out and my mother would wake up. It was only seconds before she sprung into action. Of course she caught me and I was grounded for a week. The next morning, mother would bake Tubby his favorite cookes as a reward. Tubby had his own cookie jar which was always full. The rest of the family did not have a jar and if we wanted a cooie we were supposed to ask Tubby if we could have one of his. Depending on his mood, he would either bark yes or no. Sometimes he just walked away which was a definite no.

  The way I got revenge on Tubby was rather crude but necessary. When my parents went out for a few hours, I took a piece of hamburger and made a nice round patty out of it. I would call Tubby, let him smell the hamburger and watched him lick his lips in anticipation. Then I would throw the hamburger up until it stuck to the ceiling. Poor Tubby would sit patiently looking up and waiting, waiting, waiting for it to fall. Hah, that taught him. If it hadnāt fallen down by the time my parents arrived home, I would quickly scrape the hamburger off and wash the ceiling of any telltale marks. It was a mystery to them why the dog spent so much time looking upward. It served him right!
So, what has this got to do with a game to play in the bathtub? Plenty.

  If you are a smoker you can take your package of cigarettes into the tub with you. Take one of the pieces of foil and peel the paper off the
back of it. Roll the foil into a little tube and put it on the side of
the tub. Now take the paper and put it in your mouth and chew it until
it is sticky and juicy. Make it into a spitball and put it on the end
of the tube. Now blow with all your might and see if you can stick the
spitball onto the ceiling.

  If you don't smoke, take in a little roll of foil. What works best for
me is the small yellow stick it pads. Take one or two stickies and chew
into a ball. And there you have it. Now blow