Chapter Exerpt: Tubby's Revenge

There is absolutely no purpose to this game other than to relieve
boredom and practice your hand-eye co-ordination skills.
I once had a big black dog named Tubby who had one brown eye and one blue eye. There was a question as to exactly who his parents were. I loved Tubby but he was a snitch and got me into lots of trouble. More >

Water Changes Everything

leaf   History Of Water

  Water is our greatest asset and we could not live long without it. Some descriptions of it can be described as fresh, spring,
distilled, salty, mineral, running, stagnant, shallow, deep, calm, turbulent, polluted, clear, muddy, or holy. It nourishes, fertilises, cleanses all that it touches and there is not much on earth that does not benefit from its generous gifts. It has always been surrounded by mystery and myth and it is known to dissolve any element, even gold.

  Water can be powerful and forceful when it is in its masculine form. It
can be hard enough to ski on, or it can knock us out with
hail the size of golf balls. Its feminine form is liquid and in that
state it can be as gentle as rain, or as soft as delicate snowflakes.
In its neutral state it becomes mist, or fog, and is thought of as pure

  We have a love/fear relationship with water. We love it to quench our
thirst, to flush human waste, or to cleanse ourselves. We
use it to wash our clothes and dishes and to grow our crops to feed our
families and trees to make our houses. It also warms
our homes during the cooler seasons and a swimming pool of water cools us in the warmer months.

  We fear water when it is aggressive and sends huge hurricanes or
vicious storms to ruin our lands, swelling our rivers or lakes,
which destroy our homes and kill our family and neighbours. Too much
rain can cause mudslides and send us running for safety
and it can wipe out crops. When it is overcast for too long, people
become depressed or incur a condition called SAD. Other
than being prescribed drugs, the remedy is to holiday in a sunnier
climate, preferably by more water such as the ocean.

  Fear of water can be rooted in our cellular memory. As children we
often heard a story of a great flood when the world was
destroyed. The Bible tells of a man called Noah who was chosen to build a sturdy ark and to take with him into the New World a pair of each species of animal. Another flood was supposed to
have occurred thousands of years ago when an ancient
continent, Atlantis, sank into the ocean wiping out an entire
population. It has been told that this was due to their misuse of
technology. Over the centuries floods have devastated numerous lands
such as China, and parts of the United States, Africa,
South America, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Canada and even
Africa. In recent years the rapidly changing weather has
intensified the number of floods with no country or city being exempt
from Mother Nature.

  Other than floods, many people are terrified of drowning, going into
deep water beyond their ability to swim in, or even just
being out of sight of land. As well, tidal waves and avalanches make us
wonder what we have done to nature to deserve such

  We love water when we observe the beauty of a calm lake in the early morning with mist softly rising. We appreciate and give
thanks to water when it answers our prayers by putting out forest
fires, or quenching parched lands.

  Water is flexible and adapts easily to the size of space and shape of
either the land or the container in which it is held. It
nourishes the one legged (trees), the two legged, and the four legged,
as well as fish and mammals. Water is fluid and loves to
move, in and out, back and forth as it finds a way to flow around,
over, or through any object. Water is not only a shape shifter
but also it is very strong and determined. It refuses to give up or
loves a challenge and it is persistent. We are like water. Water
teaches us character, to believe that anything is possible and subject
to change.

  Today water may take the shape of a solitary raindrop, tomorrow part of a puddle and the next day a million raindrops become a river, which flows into a mighty sea. Water becomes stagnant, when there is no movement. Because we are made mostly of water if we do not create movement in our lives, we too become stagnant.

  Fire and water have always been in a relationship. The heat of the sun
causes the water to evaporate and pulls it up into the
heavens where it becomes clouds. The clouds in turn transmute into
rain, hail, or snow that fall back to earth again. It is a never-ending dance.

  Many cultures believed that the Gods lived in the Heavens and governed what happened on earth. As above, so below.
Neptune was the ruler of the Upper World and early sailors prayed to
him for peaceful waters and safe journeys. The Druids
considered water and its many sources to be sacred gateways to the
underworld of which Poseidon was the ruler. The seas,
and mist were the intermediary between the two worlds.

  There are cultures today that still believe in sea gods and spirits.
Recently a young Cuban boy was found floating on a piece of
debris left over from a wrecked ship. He floated safely for two days
and it has been said that dolphins guided him to a nearby
fishing boat. Once rescued, the Cuban people in Florida paid tribute to
their God of the sea by leaving toys and candy at home
made altars. The sea God was a young God and the people believed this little boy was a miracle, saved by the God of the sea, another child.

 The well-known psychiatrist, Freud, thought water represented the
unconscious, the female side of the self, i.e. the mother.
Dreams about water are very significant and represent either deep
maternal instincts or submerged aspects of the psyche.
Water is such a powerful symbol that it is often used in movies to
evoke strong emotions. Also scenes of water are portrayed
many times in advertising to sell a wide range of products. When we are shown images of water such as a waterfall, a beach, or
the sea, they appeal to our deepest emotions. Water is everywhere and
in everyone. We are water beings.