Lynne Jenkins - Biography

 In order to acquaint you with my qualifications I could tell you that this is my 33rd year in the field, and that I learned Rebirthing from Leonard Orr, the creator of Rebirthing, and that during this time the profession has grown, as have I. I could tell you that to further my work I have become a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Reiki Master, a certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, and I am educated in Craniosacral, Healing Touch, and Alternative to Violence courses. I could mention that I have also taken many other natural healing courses, including Jin Shin Do, Touch for Health, Colour Therapy, and Gem and Flower Essences. You might want to know I have also undergone multi healings of myself, that I belong to the Canadian Board of Natural Health Care Practitioners, and that I take an active interest in associated activities in my city. I was also the Canadian Director of the International Breath Foundation.

  While all of these may increase your comfort level, none of them would tell you why I should be the person you should choose.

  If you tell someone about the Grand Canyon they'll probably agree that it's majestic, even if they haven't been there. If they have experienced it, they'll also be in touch with a whole class of knowledge that can't be obtained from second-hand sources.

  What I teach and use, I know works, because I have experienced numerous sessions myself. If you want the whole story, read on.

  We all have our wounds and our stories to tell and I am no different. If I am to believe that we pick our race, culture, family, and life lessons, then my life is right on track. I can blame no one for the past, it was all an experience that my soul needed in order to develop and elevate itself.

  I was a War baby, raised to be good and obedient. This meant that all emotions, except for 'nice' ones were forbidden and I learnt very early to stuff everything away inside. Eventually the feelings came out in an outburst, or more often than not, in sickness, such as blood diseases. By the time I was in my teens I was considered to be too high strung and by my twenties I was often out of control. There was alcoholism in my family, and my moods also went up and down with the tensions and binges associated with the family member's illness. I was fat, needed glasses, had a crippling lack of self-esteem and was very unhappy.

  My search for healing and wholeness began in my early twenties when I joined a new family, one which it took me years to realize was a religious cult. Years of mind control, visits to the hospital where I was labelled Manic Depressive, countless drugs, therapy, and diets made some difference, but had me terrified not only of life, but of myself also.

  Somewhere within me I knew that there must a better way to exist than being controlled by drugs. The pharmaceuticals had made my weight balloon up, scarred my face, and damaged my vision. This was no way to live. I read every book on self-improvement or psychology that I could find, took every seminar or course I could afford, joined a gym, did yoga, learned to ski, performed volunteer work, fasted, wrote countless affirmations, listened to subliminals, spent year after year in Jungian, Freudien and Adlerian therapy, or support groups, was hypnotized, put on a time line, discovered my inner child, and the Goddess within, learned to meditate, chanted, drummed, had my numerology and astrological charts done, used color therapy, went into my past lives, and more. So much more. This included rolfing, bioenergetics, homeopathic remedies, energy work, holotropic breathwork, naturopathic consultations, and so much more.

  I still did not feel much better inside, because no one had ever let me get the blocked energy out, all those emotions and traumas I had stuffed inside so long ago.

  One day while I was sitting at my computer at work , I was handed another meaningless report to do. Was this all there was? That thought made me think about my life - I hated my job, had no husband, no university education, no house, no car, no fun, no money. My life had become survival, not living, and I knew I had to either get better or end my life. There are just so many times I could get up and get going again. I could not survive one more event, buck myself up one more time, or get over one more thing. My father had died, I'd recuperated from being accidentally sprayed with DDT while on vacation in Cuba which had left me paralyzed for a year, I had just come back from major surgery, was weakened by Epstein Barr Syndrome, and I had totally had it. The past was understandable, and forgivable, but the pain inside was still unbearable. It was then that I discovered Rebirthing.

  Rebirthing gave me back my life. It gave me back me, and it was all so simple.

  All it required was to to learn a serious of conscious connected breaths which made me take energy, or chi, into my body. Frightened people, and people who hold their feelings in are usually poor breathers. Within a few months I had changed my eyeglass prescription three times for lesser prescriptions because so much tension had left my body. Without trying to decipher the past, the emotional traumas and blocks within me were released. I could not control the sessions, nor was my facilitator pushing me into anything or analyzing me. From session one I began to feel calmer, more settled inside, less afraid of myself or others, and more grounded. I finally knew what it felt like to be alive.

  I became much more confident and centered, and knew that this would be my life's work. By the summer of that year I found myself in California studying Rebirthing. Within a year I quit my position with the Canadian government, and began building my practice from my home by working on whomever I could. Everyone close to me thought that I was going through menopause, or having a nervous breakdown because no one quits a government job with a cushy pension to do something few people have heard of.

  The way this work has benefitted me the most is that my life is much more in balance and I am happier. I am what I consider to be a recovering BiPolar as I have been drug free for over twenty-two years. My life is working.

  Because what we don't heal we pass on, I realized that I could have been in other therapies for the rest of my life, and never gotten to the roots of my problems. Certainly some of the issues were mine, but what had come down the tubes to me in the cells when I was in the womb? It was in my DNA. Today researchers are confirming my belief.

  So many of our patterns began in the womb, as that is where we first began to experience and react to stress and pressure. We are like a computer and womb experience is the hard programming which is not easy to change, except by doing energy work. Our body remembers what our minds cannot.

  Rebirthing is not addictive. Usually I work with people for no more than 10 two-hour sessions. Not everything will be sorted out during this time, and we usually recommend another therapist, or type of therapy, as each healing modality or facilitator will trigger a different set of responses, or bring up new material. Generally after ten sessions your most intense material has surfaced and you are encouraged to rebirth yourself often. Rebirthers are committed to clearing their own issues, and I believe that a client will only go into their own inner self to the extent that their therapist has done their work. If the therapist has not done any work on themselves, the client will not feel safe or free to go inside themself to release their unexpressed emotions.

  Rebirthing is very natural and I encourage everyone to try it at least once. It just may change your life, as it has mine.